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Well today hasnt been too awful bad but i still had a ton of stuff to do. I started getting my stuff together for Athens and it was one thing after another. I tried to get registered for classes and everything seemed to go wrong. As soon as I would get one class down it would tell me it had been closed and I would have to call and see if they could open it back up. After I hung up the phone I tried another class and it didnt work and I had to call right back and do the same thing that I just did. My class schedule is going to suck this next semester. I have to go about 6 weekends of the semester to take classes. The rest of the time I’ll probably studying for those classes. I am going to try harder this next semester to keep my grades up better and learn more. Im so ready to be out of college. Today after I did all of that I had to go to Northeast to get all my pell grant stuff switched over to Athens so I can still get pell grant. I sold some of my books back and ended up making about eighty something dollars for about 3 books so that worked out pretty good. Its better than them sitting around getting in my way like they usually do. The rest of this week is going to even worse because I have a ton of homework to do and also to study for a lot of tests. So maybe I wont die somewhere in the midst of all that.


Well this weekend has been a complete success for me. Thursday I worked my last host event as a Presidential Host at northeast. It was one of the hardest ones ive worked ever because we had to carry stuff up and down stairs constantly. It was better at the end because we got to eat some of the food and it was absolutely amazing. Afterwards I went to wal mart with some friends to get some Christmas presents for a child we are supporting. We all hung out in wal mart with our suits on and after that we went to eat at taco bell. The next day I woke up early in the morning and went to tyler’s to get ready to leave out for tuscaloosa. We went to wallace state in hanceville to get some of tyler’s stuff ready for his next semester there. Then we went to Geraldine to meet up with some other friends to drive down to t-town. We got there and all hung out and played video games til about 3 o’clock in the morning. We got up saturday about 8 or so and went to graduation. It was miserable having to set there being as sleepy as we all were but we still had a lot of fun. After that we went to eat and came back and played video games for a few more hours. Later that night we went out to eat for Melinda’s graduation dinner. It was a pretty nice resturant and I had an awesome salad. After that we went back to the apartment and played even more video games. We hung out with everybody some more and went to bed. We woke up to leave this morning and realized we were already late. So we had to hurry up and leave and get back to my granny’s for our Christmas dinner. It was good and the food was awesome. This next week is going to be very hectic because I have tons to do. But it will be about a week til my Christmas break starts back and everything will be all good. I just wish it could start now.

Well this week is the week before finals and for some reason im not stressing out like normal. I usually go crazy trying to study and get things together for the big test but this time is a little more laid back for some reason. I expected this semester to be chaotic because of the courses I am taking but it has actually been one of the easier semesters. It could be because Im used to college now or it could be that I dont care as much as I used to. Or it could be that I am just way smarter now and dont need studying. But I doubt its that one. I had my last presidential host meeting yesterday and have my last event tommorrow night. I am almost done with northeast and I will be at Athens State next semester. Im kind of excited to be moving on but it will be a little harder to get used to. Im looking forward to bein done though. I am really looking forward to Christmas break. Which also reminds me I have a lot of shopping to do for people. I feel terrible if I dont get anybody anything especially if they get me stuff. After Christmas me and my family are going to Indiana for thanksgiving for Jeff’s family thing. He never gets to see them much so I think he is really excited. I dread having to study for finals but I am just going to make the best of it.

Well this week has been really good. Throughout my school part of the week I didnt really do much of anything. But now its the weekend and finals are coming up. So this weekend is going to be a very long weekend. We had a good bible study wednesday night and after that me and Jimmy went to play smach brothers. Yesterday was really eventful. I left school early and went to eat at dad’s house and to hang out for a while. Then i went home to get some stuff and then to go meet jimmy. But before i go meet him he tells me he forgot his stuff at his house and asked me to go break into his house to get his stuff. I broke in and got his stuff and when i walked out Stan and Katie were home and saw me walking out. It was pretty funny and if they would have came in it would have made me feel really awkward. After that I went and met jimmy at the holiday inn in Fort Payne. We dropped by collinsville to see his grandmother and came on down to Jacksonville. We hung out around the campus and went and ate. After that we went to a formal thing and I was way underdressed and it was really awkward but we had a good time. Afterwards we went to eat at IHOP. That was a lot of fun and now the fun is over and Im bout to have to get started on studying for my finals the next week. Its going to be miserable.

Well today was my second day back to school. Yeserday was no fun at all trying to get back into the rythm of things. Yesterday I went to class for statistics and then came home to eat lunch before my next class. I ended up eating leftover steak from logans which was absolutely amazing. After that I started writing on my research paper that was due by today. It took me forever to do to. After I worked on my paper for a while I headed back to school for my chemistry class. That class seemed to take forever and after that I went to the library to work on my paper some more. I finally got it done and went and printed it off and went back home to eat dinner. After that I went to jimmy’s to play mario smash brothers. That was fun as always. I accidentally stayed over there til about 1 or so and got to sleep at about 2. That was a big mistake because I had to wake up and go to school this morning. I am still tired from getting up so early. I went to class today and when i got back home I dropped my phone and it died for good this time. So i had to go meet mom in Ft. Payne to get a new phone. I ended up getting a Envy 3. Its really cool and has some really cool stuff. So my dropped phone turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I have a ton of stuff I have to do this week. I have a lot of test to study for and a lot of homework I need to do to get ready for finals. It looks like its gonna be another hectic week of studying for finals and tests.

Well my Thanksgiving has been an absolute success. I worked on some homework and stuff til wednesday evening. Wednesday evening I went with my mom to get stuff to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. We got in and out of wal mart in record time. We got all our stuff to cook and I went to JT’s house to our Bible Study. It was great as always and we had an awesome time hanging out around the fire and enjoying some tunes. Thursday was great. We went to my Granny Loyce’s Thanksgiving dinner and ate way too much. After that we went to my Granny Peggy’s dinner and ate even more. After that was over with we all hung out and watched some football and stuff and played around. We finally left and I came home and hung out. Friday was the Iron Bowl. It was such an awesome game. I am an Auburn fan and I was expecting us to get drilled. But Auburn got up the first part of the game 14-0. It was a close game and Auburn led the whole game until about a minute or 2 left in the game and Alabama came back and won. I was a little disappointed in losing but we played an awesome game for Bama to be so good. Today most of my family went to Huntsville to Bridge Street. It was a lot of fun getting to see all the Christmas decorations and just the whole atmosphere was great. After that we all went to the other mall and hung out. And then we went to eat at Logan’s Roadhouse. I had a huge steak and and it was amazing. So my weekend was perfect and I’ll probly go to church in the morning and have another great day tommorrow!

Well today is the day before thanksgiving and i am pretty excited about it. I cant wait to get to grannys house and hang out with everybody and eat all the awesome food. Today I really need to work on my research paper because its due teusday and if I dont do it today then I will keep putting it off til tommorrow. But for some reason I cant make myself get up out of bed to do anything about it. Im also really hungry and I want some thanksgiving food now but I dont have any. So I guess i will just have to settle for pop tarts. This week has been really easy going so far which is what I like. I have just hung out a whole lot and did a whole lot of nothing but hang around the house and be bored out of my mind. Yesterday I had to go over to my dads house and catch Max (our dog) because he got loose. I dreaded it but when I got over there he came right up to me and let me pet him and put him back on hos runner. This week has been really boring but I expect it to get better because of thanksgiving dinners and I may go shopping on black friday. I dont ever get anything ussually but I always like to go just to hang out and watch people go crazy shopping. So im looking forward to an awesome rest of the week.

Well I finally finished all my work for last week. I made a 94 on my test i had been studying so hard for. I was pretty excited about that. Im playing on my little brothers new mac. Its really nice. I finished up writing my journal for my religion class. It seemed like it took forever but now I can finally start my break. It wont be very much of a break because I still have to write a research paper and do a lot of math homework. It really makes me mad when teachers give homework over a holiday. I am really excited that I finally get a few days off to chill. I had a pretty great weekend this weekend. Me and some friends went to Gadsden friday and hung out and then came back to Fort Payne and ate at wing stop and then went and watched the blind side. It was awesome! It had a great story line and great acting and Sandra Bullock. Enough Said! Saturday I went with Hope rock climbing in Chattanooga. It was really fun and then we came back to the henager drive in to watch new moon. I loved it. I read the books so I have been really anxious to see it and it was a lot better than the first one. Yesterday our BCM group went to Samford University to a concert. We saw Francesca Battistelli, Leeland, and Brandon Heath. Matt Pitt was also there to bring the word to us. Leeland was really kool. Im not a really big fan of Brandon Heath or Francesca Battestlli but they were still good. All in all it was a really good night. We ended up getting home pretty late but it was still really fun.

This week has really been worse than i thought. Monday was terrible all day. Yesterday i went to class and studied for my next class the whole time. After that I went to my English Lit class to take my test. It wasnt really hard at all so i think i did pretty good on it. After that I went to get something to eat with my mom at cracker barrell. After I did that I went up to the school to talk to Mr. Land about my next semester at Athens. I rreally dread taking classes there because they are going to be so hard and so time consuming. But maybe it wont be too bad because I may get to go on a few field trips and stuff like that. I have studied more this week than I have in my whole life. And the rest of this week I will be studying even harder because I have so much left to do. Its hard to find some down time or spend any time with friends because of my schooling. Today I have to go talk to some people from Athens to try and get my schedule and stuff took care of and I dread it so bad. But I dont have much longer to go to school so I guess I better enjoy it while it lasts.

Today has been the worst. I woke up this morning and went to work and it was freezing and after about an hour I was burning up. I got to class and sat through a long miserable lecture. After that I went to the library to do my research paper stuff and didnt get hardly anything done. I thought about skippin my next class because I was so busy but then found out I have a test wednesday that I needed to learn about which also adds to the mayhem. I have so much to do by the end of this week its insane. I literally dont have enough hours to do it all.

But this weekend went well. I ended up not working saturday so i did homework and went to my host event which was cancelled. That was good for me in a way because I needed a little down time. So after that I went and ate at wendy’s by  myself and thought about life in general. After that I went to Jimmy’s to watch the bama game and hang out. We had an awesome time. After we did that we wanted to play super smash brothers but didnt have the game because it was at Tyler’s house and he was out of town. So we broke in through a window, got the game, and headed back to finish off our awesome Saturday night. But too bad the rest of this week wont be as interesting because I will barely have time to breathe.